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The ESG Academy is a free online course for Financial Advisors. Led by subject matter experts from Morningstar this immersive, engaging learning experience will:

Accelerate and deepen your knowledge and understanding of ESG, no matter your starting point.

Build your confidence to use ESG data and insights to help you strengthen relationships with your clients.

Help you make sense of current and future ESG regulation that will impact your clients and you as a Financial Advisor.

How does the esg academy work

See for yourself! In this video PIMFA’s Head of Learning, Philip Allen, explains how the platform works and outlines the three different modules you’ll cover.

Lessons are bitesize and focused (10-15 min each), so that you can easily fit them around your work commitments.

The ESG Academy comprises of practical and down-to-earth content that you’ll be able to apply immediately in your role as a Financial Advisor.

From ESG terminology and ESG data to greenwashing and upcoming regulation, The ESG Academy helps you understand essential elements of ESG.

We explain key ESG concepts with practical examples and interactive tools to ensure you’re ready to tackle the questions clients will ask you.

Plus case studies, podcasts and webinars from our panel of experts from Morningstar.